‘They Took Away Our Free Will’: NYC Restaurant Owner Speaks Out After Forced Coronavirus Closures

Daily Caller, Michael Sinensky

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist
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Michael Sinensky, the CEO of Simple Venue, is speaking out after the forced coronavirus closures in New York City which he says left him no choice but to lay off 250 employees.

“I had to lay of 250 employees in one day and there’s so much confusion, misinformation and rumors,” said Sinensky. “My employees aren’t just people that work with me, my employees are my brothers and sisters, they’re my family—their pain is my pain.”

Sinensky went on to say that he understands the severity of the virus but he wishes there could be better communication between businesses and local government. (RELATED: Gordon Chang: ‘We Are The Object Of A Hate Campaign By Beijing’.)

“They’re just winging it right now,” said Sinensky. “It’s just really irresponsible to do what they did and have zero regard for the consequences of completely forcing a shutdown.”

Sinensky who is part owner of over 20 restuants, bars and nightclubs, says he’s selling gift cards to help his employees make ends meet until they’re able to return to work.