‘He Drove To Mar-a-Lago’: Meghan McCain Praises Tucker Carlson For Allegedly Getting Trump To ‘Believe In This Virus’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain praised her former Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson, saying that he was the reason President Donald Trump started taking coronavirus more seriously.

McCain said on Friday’s “The View” that Carlson, who drove to Mar-a-Lago to discuss the issue with Trump, had been fair and thorough in his coverage of coronavirus from the beginning — and credited him with bringing the president around. (RELATED: ‘Lead By Example!’: Meghan McCain Rips Into De Blasio For Gym Outing Amid Coronavirus Fears)


Former regular host Sara Haines began the segment by stressing the importance of listening to experts and doctors as coronavirus continued to spread, and cohost Sunny Hostin suggested that the number of people listening to the president and Fox News could complicate matters.

“We saw those mixed messages coming directly from the president, and I think that Fox News as we know has sort of been the mouthpiece of the administration,” Hostin charged. “We saw a tone change from the administration and Fox News I think followed suit.”

McCain stepped up then to defend Carlson, saying, “One of the revelations coming out of this, is that it was actually Tucker Carlson that convinced President Trump to start believing in the realities of the coronavirus. There are reports that Tucker Carlson actually drove from his house in Florida to Mar-a-Lago to convince President Trump, and this was sourced in multiple places, and he was actually one of the people that ended up changing the president’s mind.”

Hostin said that gave her no real comfort, adding, “He has real professionals, doctors surrounding him. Rather than listen to his team, he’s listening to Tucker Carlson. No shade to Tucker Carlson, but come on.”

“He’s been very responsible in his coverage since the beginning though,” McCain replied. “I think he deserves credit.”