Josh Hawley Says WHO Sided With China, Needs To Face ‘Consequences’

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Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley called for “consequences” against the World Health Organization (WHO) for siding with Chinese communists during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There need to be consequences here,” Hawley tweeted Sunday night. “WHO has sided w/ #China Communist Party against the world in this pandemic.”

The Missouri senator was reacting to a report by Daily Caller News Foundation associate editor Peter Hasson that described how WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is now providing cover for China’s efforts to deny responsibility for the coronavirus outbreak after the communist country helped him win his post in 2017. (RELATED: How China Corrupted The World Health Organization)

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation report:

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Chinese authorities are weaving a false counternarrative in which China was actually the victim of a foreign virus that it quickly moved to contain. And the WHO is helping them do it.

Tedros has praised China’s “transparency” and held up the country as a model response  — even though the communist regime covered and then concealed the severity of the outbreak.

Earlier this week, Taiwan blamed the WHO’s relationship with China for the country’s delayed reaction to human-to-human transmission of the novel virus. Despite the fact that the WHO was alerted by Taiwanese health officials about the coronavirus’s infectivity in late December 2019, the organization never alerted other countries and even repeated China’s claim that the virus wasn’t contagious weeks later, in mid-January.