Full Kanye West And Taylor Swift 2016 Phone Call About ‘Famous’ Leaks

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The infamous Kanye West and Taylor Swift phone call from 2016 has hit the web, and it doesn’t make Kim Kardashian look good.

As fans of the two singers know, West sang about potentially having sex with Swift on his hit song “Famous.” Following the song blowing up and fall out over it, Kim Kardashian shared a video of Swift talking to the star rapper during a 2016 phone call, and it appeared like she fully supported the lyrics.

However, the entire phone call provides much different context. She seems very wary of the lyrics and the song. While she does seem to give him the green light for the lyrics, she is very hesitant and not at all as enthusiastic as she appeared to be in Kardashian’s video. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld‘ Starts Season 3 With Dolores On The Hunt For More Blood In ‘Parce Domine’)

You can watch the full conversation below.

Was there anybody who wasn’t pro-Taylor Swift from the start during this beef? There’s only one correct side to take during the Kardashian/Swift feud and it’s the side of the star musician.

I can’t believe Swift didn’t nuke Kardashian years ago after the edited video was released. It’s so incredibly dishonest that it’s honestly shocking.

What the hell was Kim Kardashian thinking? Does she have no morals? The edited video and the full conversation aren’t even that close at all!


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The fact Swift took the high road for years by not just lighting up Kardashian for being a liar is truly a testament to who she is.

I’d like to say I could let something like this go, but I probably wouldn’t be able to. Even right now, Swift still isn’t addressing it, despite the fact the full video paints her in a great light!


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If you’re team Kardashian over team Swift at this point, then you’re just an idiot with nothing to support your position.

Swift should have obliterated her years ago for that dishonest video. Go, Taylor, go!