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Who Will Bernie Sanders Supporters Turn To Next?

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

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The second presidential campaign of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is on its last legs as former Vice President Joe Biden coasts to the Democratic presidential nomination, and at 79 years old, it’s unlikely Sanders has another run in him.

After a rough few weeks, Sanders now trails Biden by over 300 delegates, a seemingly insurmountable lead. While Sanders could stay in through the primary season as he did in 2016, most Americans have already tuned out the Democratic primary as the coronavirus pandemic rages. It’s not even clear that staying in the race would allow Sanders to effectively promote his message. The self-described Democratic socialist was re-elected to his third full term in the Senate in 2018, so he can still remain a force in American politics if he chooses, but a third presidential run in 2024 or 2028 would seem unlikely. So, who will the left turn to as its next leader on the national stage?