‘I’ve Spoke Enough’: Joe Biden Stumbles During Coronavirus Speech

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot/Caleb Hull

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Former Vice President Joe Biden made a series of gaffes Monday during a coronavirus-focused speech he gave at his home in Delaware.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee stumbled through his speech, and at one point abruptly decided to switch topics. (RELATED: Joe Biden Breaks Silence To Rip Trump, McConnell)

“We have to make sure that we are in a position that we are, well let me go to the second thing. I’ve spoke enough on that,” Biden said.

However, this wasn’t the only gaffe Biden made in his first public appearance in over a week. The former vice president also referred to Republican Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker as “Charlie Parker,” when praising state governors for their response to the pandemic.

“We could put politics aside and meet the moment like governors all across this nation are doing,” Biden said. “Governor Mike DeWine in Ohio, Governor Larry Hogan in Maryland, Governor Charlie Parker in Massachusetts, Gavin Newsom in California, Jay Inslee in Washington, hard hit, Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan.”