Jimmy Fallon’s Daughters Are The New ‘Tonight Show’ Band In Cute Clip

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxgIKIzVRLc)

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Comedian Jimmy Fallon had to find a new band for “The Tonight Show” amid the coronavirus outbreak, so he turned to his kids.

Fallon’s five year old and six-year-old daughters stepped up to the plate to help out their dad while filming the late night show from home. Franny and Winnie helped introduce the beginning of the show, as a replacement from The Root, while playing a cowbell and the piano loudly.

“I want to thank Franny and Winnie,” Fallon said while his wife Nancy Juvonen panned the camera to their family dog. “Gary the dog is here.” (RELATED: Late-Night Hosts Jimmy Fallon And Jimmy Kimmel Post Shows From Home Amid Coronavirus)

This isn’t the first time Fallon’s daughters have made an appearance on the show since the comedian switched to filming at home during his self-quarantine.

Last week, Fallon shared a video of himself practicing a joke about using CVS receipts as toilet paper after everyone runs out.

Both Franny and Winnie were a part of his audience and it took a second for the joke to land with the two.

I love that Fallon is getting his daughters involved with his show. This moment could be very inspiring for them moving forward and is definitely fun to watch for everyone else at home. Kids can be hilarious without even trying.