Juan Williams Goes To Bat For Pelosi’s Loaded Coronavirus Bill, Blames His Colleagues For Making It ‘A Caricature’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Juan Williams stepped up Tuesday to defend House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus relief bill, saying Democrats only meant to protect American workers.

Williams was alone in his defense of the bill as his cohosts on Fox News’ “The Five” criticized the hundreds of pages calling for everything from funding for the Kennedy Center — to the tune of $35 million — to more boardroom diversity and demands for airlines to reduce their carbon footprints. (RELATED: ‘Obviously A Coordinated Stunt’: Jesse Watters Slams Bolton Leak As A ‘Hatchet Job’)


Jesse Watters turned the question to Williams, saying, “Juan, Dana made that point the other day, everything was going swimmingly until Nancy showed up and made Chuck kind of cater to her every whim at the last second and rocked the markets. Do you think Chuck saw that coming or was he taken by surprise?”

Williams responded by claiming that the Democrats were only trying to make sure American workers were being protected and that the way Pelosi’s bill had been presented — even on “The Five” — was “a caricature.”

“I think this whole description that we are going through right now is a caricature,” Williams said. “I think what’s going on is Democrats are out about protecting America’s workers. And I think the sticking point has been that there was money being set aside for corporations, the big corporations, to make sure they didn’t go under, but the Democrats wanted transparency and accountability for that money. They didn’t want those big corporations to simply get locked into buybacks and executive pay raises, they want to make sure those companies are protecting and keeping workers during this time period. And I think that is what we saw now from the Democrats.”

Greg Gutfeld interrupted then, asking what that had to do with the Green New Deal.

“The way we presented it this evening was a caricature of what’s really going on,” Williams insisted again, adding that President Donald Trump and Republicans had seen the opportunity to attack Democrats and were twisting Pelosi’s bill to focus on whatever might make them look bad.

Gutfeld chimed in then with his own assessment of the bill, saying, “The only way you can find a virus is through diversity. So I’m happy that’s a priority.”