Oprah Explains Why She And Stedman Graham Aren’t Living Together During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Oprah Winfrey said she and partner Stedman Graham aren’t living together during the coronavirus outbreak and the main reason is because he didn’t take precautions.

“He’s [Graham] at the guest house because you all know I had pneumonia late last year… I had just gotten off of antibiotics last week, because I had a bronchial infection,” the 66-year-old former talk show host revealed in a remote Instagram Live interview with her magazine. The post was noted by USA Today in a piece published Tuesday. (RELATED: Pearl Jam Postpones North American Tour Over Growing Coronavirus Concerns)


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Winfrey explained that her partner was “one of those” people that didn’t take the outbreak as seriously, and continued doing a bit more traveling. (RELATED: REPORT: Coachella Potentially Rescheduled To October Due To Coronavirus Fears)

“‘I don’t see what everybody’s getting so upset about!’ That’s what Stedman was saying … and that’s why Stedman’s at the guest house!” she added. “Stedman did not arrive from Chicago until Thursday, he had been speaking in St. Louis … he’d been on planes, so Stedman is like ‘What’s the procedure for coming home?'”(RELATED: Congress Pushing To Get An Additional Coronavirus Bill Passed Before Recess)

The actress continued, while explaining to him, “The procedure is… you ain’t coming and sleeping in my bed! And literally, he goes, ‘I’m not?’ And I go, ‘Oh no, it doesn’t work that way. Have you not been paying attention to the news? Social distancing does not mean you go and sleep in the same bed with the person when you just got off American Airlines!'”

Winfrey said she’s been staying home and takes the pandemic “very seriously.”

“I’m enjoying this time to be with my thoughts,” she added.

Her comments came as several stars over the past two weeks have revealed they tested positive for COVID-19. The list includes the likes of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Olga Kurylenko, and Idris Elba.