Pelosi Lies About House Bill On CNN: ‘Everything We Are Suggesting Here Relates To COVID-19’

Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falsely claimed Tuesday on CNN that House Democrats’ coronavirus proposal only deals with the virus, and does not seek unrelated policy changes.

“It’s not a bill I would have written in terms of some things that relate to family medical leave, that relate to worker protections,” the speaker said. “Everything we’re suggesting just relates to Covid-19.”

Pelosi doubled down on the falsehood that her bill only relates to the coronavirus pandemic. (RELATED: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: ‘Civilization As We Know It Is At Stake’ In 2020)

“It’s not changing policy except as it applies here,” Pelosi added. “Many of the provisions in there have been greatly improved because of negotiation.”


Democrats in the senate twice fillibustered a $1.6 trillion coronavirus package earlier this week after Pelosi came out against the bill on Sunday. Pelosi later proposed legislation of her own, which included many provisions unrelated to the ongoing public health crisis, including solar and wind tax credits, and funding increases for election security and the Kennedy Center, among other items.