Are You Prepared? There’s No Need To Panic, But It’s Never A Bad Idea To Stock Up On Food

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One thing that Corona Virus/COVID-19 has taught us, is that people will buy pretty much whatever social media tells them to. So, instead of topping off your twenty-fifth bag of toilet paper, or stocking up on food that might spoil while you’re out at the grocery store, here are some smart ways to stock up on long-lasting food items, in case we find ourselves in a pandemic or global event at some point in the future:

1. MREs

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) are essentially what is used for in-field military; dehydrated, vacuum-sealed or simply non-perishable foods that have an extremely long shelf life, usually five years or more.

You can buy these items in bulk or one at a time,


At approx. $18 you may wonder how it’s worth it…well the proof is in the pudding (sometimes). With a standard around 1,300 calories, one of these is enough to survive each day in an emergency situation.

If you’d like to mix it up and possibly bulk up during the apocalypse, consider some meal-replacement protein.

Return to sender if package arrives in fudge (

There’s plenty of choices to choose from, meaning you could become the most popular non-zombie on the block with your strawberry shortcake or fudge-brownie flavored protein.

2. Soylent

Remember the movie Soylent Green? A few years ago Soylent became a real meal-replacement product capable of providing 35 meals for around $100.

Not made of humans…we think (via

Unlike the movie, these supplies aren’t made out of unruly street protesters, ground into a tablets; at least there is no evidence for that as of yet. In addition to the above Soylent also comes in the form of a drink for single meal replacements.

The original intention behind the product was to be a base, human right that provides essential nutrients for everyone, but the product has since become what you see here.

3. Instant Noodles

Instant noodles: usually not very good for you, perfect for food shortages! No matter which brand you buy, in any language, you should be able to get a pack of 50 or 60 for around $100 online, and even more in-store.

They kept you from starving in college and they can help you again! (

We aren’t going for variety or flavor here (unless you really think there’s a difference in the chicken and beef flavors), we are going for pure calories that will keep you alive.

Simply boil in water and you’re good to go. Don’t throw out the flavor packets either, there’s a lot of energy in those little bad boys and that’s what makes instant noodles generally not healthy; they’re high in calories.

4. Freeze-Dried Food

If you’re looking to save space, be a bit healthier with your bulk food or otherwise feel like an astronaut, you may want to consider some freeze-dried food like Mountain House.

For a gluten-free nuclear fallout (

You might find a little different flavor in these packages, which is why we recommended it. Along the same lines, you’ll notice the products are gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors or colors; something that may be hard to come by in the long-term food game.

5. Peanut Butter

It may please you to know that because of it’s oily base, peanut butter has a rather long shelf life even when not refrigerated. Grab yourself a big ol’ pack, and pass out a spoonful or six.

All for you, of course (via

With sugars and some protein, peanut butter is a good all-around food that you can enjoy if things go south. Simply buy in bulk, and replace your supply in rotation.

Other foods you may want to consider include: dried/canned beans, powdered milk, honey, corn syrup, corn starch, sugar and vinegar.

While food is important to stock up on, it’s also important to be prepared with tools and medical equipment you may need to either shelter in place or make emergency trips. For situations like this, you should consider Outbreak Provisions, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive kits including the essentials of what you need to survive. Check out their four-person survival kit today. 

Of course, this is as good of time as any to evaluate how we all live and survive without help from a government. Just as well, it’s a great time to appreciate what we have.

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