‘They Can’t Even Change Their Goddamn Behavior’: Greg Gutfeld Goes Off On Lawmakers For Stalled Coronavirus Bill

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld didn’t hold anything back on Wednesday’s “The Five” as he criticized lawmakers for holding up the coronavirus relief package.

After Senate Republicans and Democrats reached an agreement on the bill’s contents, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed House passage until Thursday, claiming to want to “review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action.”

Prior to the Senate’s deal, House Democrats wrote their own version that included several “woke” provisions that had nothing to do with immediate coronavirus relief.

Asked by co-host Dana Perino for his thoughts, Gutfeld began with Democrats’ objection to any sort of corporate relief.


“In order for people keep that thought in their head, they have to pretend that corporations are run by some kind of inanimate object,” Gutfeld said. “Corporations are made up of people. The people have families. Families consist of children. People need the money so they can continue living and of course pay their rent. I disagree. You don’t have to get this bill to be perfect. We don’t have the luxury of perfection right now. We have to get something through that will help people.”

“When you see people in disasters who take advantage of those, those earthquakes or floods, they are called looters,” he continued. “And the fiends who are sneaking stuff into this relief package or trying to slow it down, they’re looters too, because they are a hurting relief package that is there for millions and millions of people, and government is not helping by wasting our time.”

Asking sardonically what “these people do for a living,” Gutfeld added, “For the past two weeks, we have sacrificed our freedoms so that we can beat this virus. And they can’t even stop acting like politicians with a metaphorical gun to their heads, i.e., a virus in an emergency situation. They can’t even change their goddamn behavior. It is absolutely disgusting!” (RELATED: ‘The Five’ Panel Explodes After Juan Williams Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Chinese Travel Ban)

After co-host Jesse Watters took his turn criticizing lawmakers, Gutfeld jumped in to apologize for his on-air language.

“Excuse me, sorry, I just want to apologize for swearing a few minutes ago. I lost my cool,” he said.

“I didn’t even hear it,” Watters joked.