CHURCH: Pro-Abortion Figures Want To Play The ‘Pro-Life’ Card To Keep The Coronavirus Scare Going

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Mike Church Host, The Mike Church Show
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As the coronavirus mass hysteria continued to spread, contrary to a growing body calmer and more accurate data, I wondered “when is Trump going to crack?” When was he going to announce his timetable for reopening the nation? On Tuesday afternoon, thankfully, he did just that. What happened next, I didn’t expect: angry reactions from pro-abortion figures, who immediately took to social media and shamelessly used, wait for it, pro-life arguments against the greatest pro-life president in U.S. history’s call for common sense.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized Trump’s timetable, arguing that opening up the economy before the nation had “flattened the curve” was going to endanger lives. “If you ask the American people to choose between public health and the economy, then it’s no contest. No American is going to say accelerate the economy at the cost of human life,” Cuomo said. “Job one has to be save lives. That has to be the priority.”
CNN pundit S.E. Cupp tweeted out, “It will be REAL hard for Trump Republicans, who are now suggesting we risk 2.5% of the population – or 8+ million people – so we can prematurely reopen the economy, to make the pro-life case after this.” Rubbish. What Cupp is saying is akin to insisting that a well traveled highway, recently closed to clear a freak, fatal accident, not be reopened because “life will be lost.” 38,000 people die in traffic related accidents every year in the U.S.
The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis also chimed in on the pro-life hypocrisy too. “So here is what I’m having a hard time with. How can people say they are pro-life but be willing to sacrifice lives for economic gain? Isn’t that one of the main reasons women get abortions — because the economic burden that could come from ‘choosing life’?” This is illogical. Lives are potentially “sacrificed for economic gain” every time a welder or crane operator shows up to work on a new luxury high-rise apartment building.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has become a superstar in the world of late term infanticide after “heroically” signing the grisly and mis-named 2019 Reproductive Health Act. At an event rallying NY legislators to this bill, which also included Hillary Clinton, Cuomo told the crowd gathered at Barnard College.
“Just so there is no ambiguity: We do the budget in April; I will not pass a budget unless the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Care Act are passed. Period.”
Read that again, then read the quote at the top of this article and answer this question. Can piety toward all life in New York, ostensibly under Cuomo’s “care,”  be reconciled with his statement? A simple analysis says absolutely not and here’s why. Using the very science pro-abortion activists have used for decades, we now know that human life miraculously begins at conception.
We now know that gestating babies can “feel pain” and have a fully functioning nervous system at or before 8 weeks. We now know that “preemies” can survive after being delivered at 23 and 24 weeks of gestation. The point of all this is to demonstrate that these babies are alive, have life and are “human.” Yet, Governor Cuomo was willing to push aside essential government services for 19 million New Yorkers to get what he wanted most: to sign the most vicious and grisly abortion law on this continent. Talk about putting “a dollar figure on human life!”
Governor Cuomo has become the disaster diva of Fox News, CNN and others because of his supposed heroism in defending all life in New York, but considering that there were 1,328 abortions in 2016 in which the unborn baby was at least 21 weeks gestational age, according to the CDC, then how much of a defender of “human life” is he?
Cuomo’s actions guarantee similar numbers will be recorded. He doesn’t care about life and if he does, he’s selective about it.
Mike Church is the Founder and Morning Drive Host of The CRUSADE Channel. Follow him on Twitter @TheKingDude