Financial Expert Chris Hogan Gives Tips To Families Amid Coronavirus Panic

Maranda White House Correspondent
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Financial expert Chris Hogan joined Daily Caller White House Correspondent Maranda Finney to talk about the economy and its future in light of COVID-19, otherwise known as a “novel coronavirus.”

Hogan, who is also a Ramsey Personality, shared his expert financial opinion on how families should secure “their four walls,” especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These four walls, he explained, are your basic necessities — food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. When asked how long the economy could maintain its current state before it’s too difficult to turn back around, he responded by pointing to previous economic downturns within the last 20 years to make the point that the American economy always “bounced back.” (RELATED: Google Health Advisory Board Member Optimistic About ‘Sooner Than Later’ End Of Coronavirus Pandemic)

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