McCarthy Advises Against Rushing A Phase 4 Coronavirus Package As Democrats Suggest

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday advised against rushing to a phase 4 coronavirus package, as the House hasn’t even passed the $2 trillion legislation and let it take effect on the economy.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to say you have to write something else. Let’s let this bill work, just as long as we let the other two bills work as well. And whatever decision we have to make going forward, let’s do it with knowledge, let’s do it with the experience of what’s on the ground at that moment in time,” McCarthy said at a press conference Thursday.

“Those are just now being implemented. Now you have more than $2 trillion going into the economy to the areas that we know are needed, and you’re sitting here talking about needing another bill,” McCarthy continued. “If something is needed in the future, let’s make that decision. But let’s not make that decision without allowing these bills to be put into the economy.”

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This comes as Democrats in Congress are already discussing a phase 4 coronavirus relief package even as the House has not yet passed the $2 trillion phase 3 package.

Minutes after the Senate passed the phase 3 bill on Wednesday night, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters that “odds are high” for a fourth stimulus package, while hinting that $2 trillion dollars will not be enough funding to fight the spread of the deadly virus. (RELATED: Pelosi Says Senate Coronavirus Bill Is Discriminatory To Residents In DC, One Day Before House Vote)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi then held a press conference Thursday morning to address the coronavirus pandemic. In the press conference, Pelosi began to speak about what she would like to see in the next coronavirus relief package, despite the fact that the House had not yet passed the third. Pelosi also added that the fourth package should be negotiated among the Big Four leaders of Congress. (RELATED: Senate Finally Passes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Relief Package)