Ohio State Football Coach Ryan Day Says ‘Accountability’s At An All-Time High’ Amid Coronavirus Crisis

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ohio State football coach Ryan Day isn’t cutting his players any slack because of coronavirus.

The virus has ended sports in America for the time being and that means college football teams aren’t allowed to do anything. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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However, Day expects his roster to be more accountable than ever. According to Dan Hope, he told the media Wednesday, “I think the accountability’s at an all-time high in making sure that these guys are doing what they need to do … Character is really shown when nobody’s looking, and this is the ultimate test of that.”

That’s a football guy quote if I’ve ever heard one before. Just because a virus has decimated life in America and the world doesn’t mean you get to slack off.

Eventually this virus is going to go away. Eventually, we’re going to get back to a normal state of things. That’s just going to happen.

Who will be prepared? Who will have put in the time when nobody was looking? Who will be ready to roll?


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Separation is in the preparation and Day not letting his guys slack off because of a pandemic sweeping the globe is a football guy move through and through.

If you want to play on the biggest stage in college football, then you need to put in the work whether there’s a pandemic, world war or alien invasion.


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Of course, the team can’t have organized activities, but that doesn’t mean the players can’t grind it out by themselves.

Now that we know Ryan Day is holding OSU accountable, I need Paul Chryst to come out and issue a similar mandate to Wisconsin.

College football is a nuclear arms race. If one elite team does something, then we have to as well. Let’s get it done, Chryst. I’m not losing to the Buckeyes because of coronavirus.