Streaming And TV Viewership Increase During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Westworld (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Streaming and TV viewership have both gotten a boost during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nielsen’s Peter Katsingris said that TV viewership saw a 14% increase for the week of March 16. (REVIEW: ‘Westworld‘ Focuses Heavily On Maeve In The New Episode ‘The Winter Line’)

Live TV viewing isn’t the only thing that has gotten a boost. Streaming is also up in a big way. According to the same report, streaming on HBO platforms is up 40%!

Westworld” has played a big role in HBO’s big streaming jump, but THR also pointed out older shows like “Game of Thrones” have also seen gigantic streaming jumps.


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Is anybody surprised by this data? People are stuck at home because of isolation from coronavirus and we don’t really have much else to do.

A guy like me can work from home. I could work from Antarctica if it came to it, but not everybody is capable of doing that.


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If you’re in a job where that’s not an option, then you just have to read a book or watch TV while killing time in quarantine.

Naturally, that’s going to lead to an increase in streaming and TV viewership. It’d be shocking if the ratings didn’t increase with millions of people stuck at home.

To make matters even better for fans around the globe, “Ozark” starts Friday on Netflix. I expect the numbers for general streaming and Netflix specifically to really take a jump once that happens!

Let us know in the comments what you’re watching to kill the time during the coronavirus pandemic!