‘Amoral Greedhead’: Tucker Rips Bill Ackman For Making Billions On Tanked Stocks After ‘Hell Is Coming’ CNBC Interview

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped hedge-fund billionaire Bill Ackman on Thursday as an “amoral greedhead” for making billions on tanked stocks after downplaying the market on live television.

After a CNBC appearance last Wednesday in which he claimed there was a “tsunami coming” in the markets, Ackman’s company, Pershing Square Capital Management, “turned to credit protection on investment-grade and high-yield bond indexes to bet on an increased risk of corporate default” to turn “a $27 million position into a $2.6 billion windfall as the coronavirus outbreak dragged stocks to multiyear lows and threatened deep economic recession,” Business Insider reported.

“Hell is coming,” Ackman said on CNBC in a clip played by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “This was a feeling like I’ve never had, like there’s a tsunami coming. A tsunami coming and you feel it in the air, the tide starts to roll out and on the beach, people are playing and having fun like there’s nothing going on and that is a feeling I’ve had for the last two months. And my colleagues at work thought I was a lunatic. We need to shut it down now. America will end as we know it, I’m sorry to say so ok, ok unless we take this option.”


“‘America will end as we know it,'” Carlson said on Thursday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” mimicking Ackman’s words. “That scared investors around the world. It was everywhere. You probably remember it.”

Carlson added that Ackman was “especially terrifying” about the “future of Hilton hotels,” the company in which “he was a shareholder.”

“Wow,” said the Daily Caller co-founder. “Sounds like Bill Ackman is in serious trouble along with the rest of America. Well no, not exactly. In fact, Bill Ackman is suddenly much richer than ever. Just this Monday, Ackman made a net profit of more than $2 billion. He was buying stocks again, often at vastly discounted prices. How’d they get so low? One of those stocks was Hilton hotels, the one he just told America five days before could go to zero.”

To further his point, Carlson brought up another “massive bet” Ackman made several years ago when he “talked down the stock” of Herbalife “hoping to tank the stock price.” (RELATED: How ‘Vulture Capitalists’ Get Rich By Destroying American Jobs)

“Now that ploy failed, but Achman simply upped the stakes,” said the Fox News host. “He did pretty much the same thing to our entire public markets. Ackman doesn’t seem embarrassed by this in the least. Apparently he plans to keep his new billions. He hasn’t announced any plan to donate any of it to the Americans whose lives he just made worse.”

“But that’s the kind of person Bill Ackman is,” Carlson concluded. “He’s an amoral greedhead whose behavior adds nothing worth having to our country and often hurts us. But that’s not even the worst part. After all this, Ackman is still considered a sage by his peers and fawned over relentlessly by toadies in the business press. What kind of society thinks that Bill Ackman is a role model? We should ask ourselves that.”