Biden Tells Jimmy Kimmel His Phillies Cap Is ‘A Way To Be Able To Sleep With My Wife’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A conversation with former Vice President Joe Biden went sideways when late night host Jimmy Kimmel made a crack about his choice in baseball caps.

Kimmel, who was wearing a New York Mets cap in honor of what should have been Opening Day, spoke with Biden Thursday evening about his own baseball allegiance. (RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Says Trump Would Be Fine With People Staying Home If We Called Coronavirus ‘Vietnam’)


“With all that’s been going on over the past couple of weeks, virus-wise, I feel like we’ve almost forgotten about the presidential election. And there’s a guy who’s running in that election who used to be the Vice President of the United States,” Kimmel said by way of introduction.

Biden immediately noticed Kimmel’s cap and asked, “What’s that hat you’ve got on?”

“It’s the New York Mets,” Kimmel smiled. “It’s supposed to be Opening Day.”

“Opening Day!” Biden repeated, reaching out of frame, grabbing a bright red Philadelphia Phillies cap and putting it on.

“Wow. You know what? This is not the way to win voters, Mr. Vice President,” Kimmel shook his head and laughed.

“I tell you what, but it’s a way to be able to sleep with my wife,” Biden replied with a smile. “She’s a Philly girl. If I weren’t for the Phillies, I’d be out of luck, man.”