Andy Cohen Set To Return To ‘Watch What Happens Live’ After Recovering From Coronavirus

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Freixenet)

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Reality TV host Andy Cohen will return to “Watch What Happens Live” on Monday night after recovering from coronavirus.

Cohen, 51, opened up about his coronavirus recovery Monday during his SiriusXM show “Andy Cohen Live,” according to Page Six.

“It took about 10 or 11 days, I would say, to work through my system,” he said on the show. “It takes a bit to get your energy back.”

The Bravo TV show host said his symptoms included a cough, a fever, chills, aches and loss of taste and appetite. Cohen admitted he relied on a pulse oximeter to monitor his lung function.

“It measures how much oxygen you’re getting to your lungs,” Cohen said. “My doctor told me what the reading would be in case it would be a cause for alarm. You could scare yourself and think, ‘Oh my God, my lungs don’t feel right,’ but you could use this pulse oximeter and see, ‘OK, well actually, you’re fine. You’re within the range.'”

Cohen relied on Tylenol and Vitamin C to help him recover from COVID-19. (RELATED: Andy Cohen Says Not Seeing His Son Is The ‘Worst Part’ Of Coronavirus)

“I am so happy to be feeling good, and this is the first bit of normalcy that I’ve had in some time, so it’s great to be back with my family here,” he said. “I am feeling back and better than ever.”

I’m so happy that Cohen gets to return to his show tonight. We’re really starting to run out of new things to watch. At least the return of “Watch What Happens Live” gives us something new to break up the monotony of evening television.