REVIEW: ‘Westworld’ Cranks Up The Mystery Of Charlotte Hale In The New Episode ‘The Absence of Field’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The new episode of “Westworld” was outstanding Sunday night on HBO.


Going into “The Absence of Field,” we all knew one of the biggest questions about the episode would be who is in Charlotte Hale’s head.

After all, we know the real Hale died in season two, and we know Dolores has the ability to make new hosts. We’ve already seen her do it at least once in season three.

We also know whoever is in Hale’s head was handpicked by Dolores. Well, we didn’t get a concrete answer Sunday night, but we know that it’s somebody who is close to Dolores. She even references how whoever is in Hale’s head has been picked out of trust.

While I don’t know for sure, I think you can safely assume it’s narrowed down to two people. It’s either Clementine or it’s Teddy.

Teddy seems to be the safe bet, but Clementine seems like the bolder pick. What we learned for sure is that whoever is in Hale’s head has violence in them.

Hale has returned to her normal life, which includes taking care of Charlotte’s real son. When a man who appears to be a child molester approaches the kid with a dog, Hale responds by choking him to death. She thanks him for reminding her who she really is as he gasps for his last breaths of life.

Does this mean it’s more likely to be Teddy or Clementine? It’s hard to say for sure, but we know both are capable of killing.

It’s also revealed in the final moments that the real Hale was the mole before Dolores killed her. Serac thinks he’s talking to the former Delos executive and not a host as he demands she follows through with her end of their deal to smuggle information out of the park.

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While, we didn’t get a concrete answer on who is in Hale’s head, we’re narrowing it down, and I’m loving this storyline.

As for Caleb, he’s developing a close friendship with Dolores. After being tortured and refusing to give up any information on her, she saves the day by killing his kidnappers.

While I’m not a pro-Dolores guy, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cheering for her in the episode Sunday night. In a pretty cool moment, the most famous in “Westworld” lays out to Caleb how every movement, purchase and life movement is carefully tracked to be copy.

In a sense, Caleb and her have more in common than different. Their fates have both been chosen by more powerful beings. She even walks him out on a pier and explains to him this is where the computer algorithm calculates he’ll kill himself at in 10 to 12 years.

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It’s almost like she’s taken the chains off of him, and she now has at least one human ally in her fight to bring the world to its knees. She’s also starting to exhibit some empathy for Caleb and his situation in life. Maybe, just maybe, Dolores will learn not all humans are bad.

Overall, it was a stellar episode. My only beef is that we’re now three episodes in, and we still haven’t seen the Man in Black.

I’m going to need that to change ASAP!

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Let us know what you thought in the comments of “The Absence of Field,” and make sure to tune in Sunday night on HBO for the fourth episode of season three!