Steve Carell Says It’s A ‘Happy Surprise’ People Are Still Watching ‘The Office’

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Steve Carell is very happy people still love watching “The Office.”

Carell and former co-star John Krasinski discussed the show in a video released Monday morning, and the man known for playing Michael Scott said it’s a “happy surprise” people are still watching and discovering “The Office.” (REVIEW: ‘Westworld‘ Focuses Heavily On Maeve In The New Episode ‘The Winter Line’)

You can listen to his full comments below.

There’s no doubt at all that “The Office” has some staying power that is second to none. The NBC classic went off the air nearly seven years ago.

Seven years ago, and people still watch it nonstop! Stop and think about how crazy that is.

Has there ever been any other show in the history of television that has only gotten more and more popular with time?

I can’t think of a single show that went off the air and still had millions of dedicated viewers seven years later. I can’t think of a single example.

“The Office” is truly in a league of its own, and that’s why people keep firing it up. Something tells me that trend won’t end anytime soon.

I watch probably an episode a day. Whether it’s after work, while working out or just relaxing, it always just seems to be on.

If you haven’t already seen “The Office,” then I suggest you give it a shot immediately.