Regular Saudi Arabian Man Accidentally Tagged In President Trump’s Tweet Offers To Help America Fight Coronavirus


Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A regular Saudi Arabian man became famous overnight after President Donald Trump accidentally tagged his Twitter handle instead of that of the intended Food and Drug Administration’s Sunday. 

Abu al-Feda, whose Twitter handle is @FDA, became a meme among Saudi Arabians after President Trump tagged him and Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in a post about coronavirus supplies production

He appears in an MBC Al-Ahsa segment, where he describes sitting with his friend making tea, and then receiving a lot of calls from his followers in different countries telling him that President Trump is asking for his help on Twitter. Al-Feda is from Rumaila, a village in Al-Ahsa in eastern Saudi Arabia. 

“I did not expect this, I never thought I would reach the American community,” Al-Feda said in the segment. 

Al-Feda has since become a sensation in Saudi Arabia, his face superimposed on images of world leaders and other government officials meeting with President Trump.

“When Trump asked me for help, I assured him that I will help and rescue him,” he said in the segment. “I decided with my friends to send some aid to America, food and fridges.” (RELATED: China Was Lauded As New ‘Global Leader’ For Distributing Medical Equipment To Fight Coronavirus, But Most Of That Equipment Is Reportedly Defective)