With An Amazon Delay on Shipping Products, Be Sure To Get These Sewing Machines Now

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It’s getting tougher and tougher out there, and with delays on everything from toilet paper to meats, it may not be too long before non-essential products stop being shipped in favor of life-saving or protective items.

Amazon may stop shipping the aforementioned non-emergency products, and with clothing being on that list, supplies are already being limited or redirected to other suppliers so that Amazon can keep their supply chain open for more integral products.

In this list you’ll find a different sewing machine for different types, but they all have one thing in common: they’re going to help you conduct your own hems, sewing and repairs if there’s a clothing shortage or delay.

1. The Simple Sewing Machine

Amazon’s Choice for a simple sewing machine is none other than a classic Singer 3232. At 750 stitches-per-minute this lighter machine still has the capability to take on bigger projects.

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While it looks small and simple this model still comes with a foot presser and automatic reverse button in case you want to strengthen your stitching.

It’s heavy-duty frame will prevent any skipping, and you’ll be glad to know it comes with its share of free accessories like: seam ripper, lint brush, L-screwdriver and darning plate.

2. Lightweight Sewing Machine

The lightweight Brother XM2701 includes plenty of accessories, like a needle set and even an instructional DVD to make things easy. Sewing machines like this have come along way since your grandmother’s; including creating one-step auto-sized buttonholes, an LED-lit work area and free, online customer support.

The Brother Model works best for Hulk Hogan references (via Amazon)

The exclusive Brother Quick-set, top drop-in bobbin helps ensure your bobbin stays in place…if you’re not exactly sure what that means don’t worry; it simply provides high-level, reliable stitch quality; and we think those are good things.

You’ll also get six different feet with this sewing machine, include zigzag, blind stitch, a narrow hem and the aforementioned buttonhole.

3. Heavyduty

If you’re serious about your sewing game (and we know that you are) and foresee yourself running into some trouble down the line in terms of your clothes taking a beating, you can stay ahead of the game with the Singer Heavy Duty 4432.

(via Amazon.com)

This is a top-notch machine capable of 1,100 stiches per minute, with a strong, heavy-duty metal frame and stainless-steel bed plate.

Jeans, uniforms and heavy duty fabrics will be no match for the power you wield with this sewing machine, as proven by it’s 4.5/5 rating on Amazon. As we all know, a high rating on the Internet isn’t exactly easy to come by.

The Singer Sewing Assistant app is also fairly innovative providing new techniques, tutorials and FAQs, available on both iTunes and Google Play stores.

4. The Quick Sewer

This hand-held sewing machine may not have the strength of 1,000 men nor the fancy features of models above, but it’s great for on the spot repairs and alterations.

Not to be used while driving (amazon.com)

Powered by four AA batteries or a power adaptor, it works well with nearly any material, among those listed include: silk, wool, leather and surprisingly denim as well.

This item is recommended for hard-to-reach or awkward fixes, like hats, aprons, gloves or handkerchiefs; and you’re getting a good bit of value at $25. It has received mixed reviews however, so hold your warranty tight like the last slice of pizza.

5. The Computerized Sewing Machine

Everything has a computer built-in now, your thermostat, refrigerator and you even have one in your pocket, so why not your sewing machine too? The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 takes sewing into the future with selections of automatic stitches including basic and decorative stitching for fashion or home décor.

May/may not try to take over your home (amazon.com)

All the speed and stitch controls are on display for you, with the most common located on the front of the machine.  The extended table also provides a larger working area for bigger projects, which we have no doubt you’ll be undertaking with this model.

Keep in mind, in these somewhat dire times your orders may take a bit longer to get to you, but you should still be able to acquire these models as this may not be a time they’re in high demand.

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