HARP: America’s Newest Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes — They Wear Masks And Gloves


Natalie Harp Contributor
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In the midst of the worst part of the coronavirus outbreak, physicians, nurses and hospital staff are working tirelessly to combat the virus. The men and women that make up the American medical field are some of the bravest and dedicated among us. Our nation’s health care professionals are heroes serving at the frontlines of this invisible war — fighting to end the scourge of coronavirus. These heroes have the unwavering support of every American across the country, the entire Trump administration and President Donald Trump.

Thanks to the steadfast leadership of President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force, our doctors and nurses have the resources they need to ensure the health and safety of the American people. When our citizens seek testing and treatment for COVID-19, it is our medical professionals who are putting themselves at risk for the greater good. The Trump administration recognizes this harsh reality and has taken the necessary actions to protect our nation’s medical professionals.

Last week, the nation watched as President Trump announced he would invoke the Defense Production Act. This bold government response, first activated during the Korean War, will give American businesses the ability to produce masks, respirators and ventilators for our health care workers.

President Trump made clear that any and all resources will be made available and that “we’re invoking it to use the powers of the federal government to help the states get things that they need like the masks, like the ventilators.” Guaranteeing the safety of our nation’s physicians and nurses is imperative in winning the war against the coronavirus. The president has taken swift and crucial action to ensure medical professionals are armed with all equipment necessary to stay safe while they bravely work to defeat this virus.

President Trump has also emphasized the importance of conserving personal protective equipment by limiting non-essential medical procedures. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma also emphasized this critical point,  “the reality is clear and the stakes are high: we need to preserve personal protective equipment for those on the front lines of this fight.” The new recommendation gives the health care workforce more availability to assist with urgent coronavirus cases and treat patients who are in critical need of care.

National unity is essential during this time of grave uncertainty. Our American experiment was born out of resilience and overcoming adversity against all odds. Now more than ever, we must come together as one nation and once again rise up to defeat the challenge ahead. With President Trump’s leadership and the resilience that has come to define our American spirit — our great nation will win the war against the coronavirus. Just because our enemy is invisible doesn’t mean it’s indomitable. May God grant us strength in our continued fight ahead.

Natalie Harp is an advisory board member of Donald J. Trump for President Inc.