‘What, Are You Working For CNN?’ Trump Takes Issue With Question From Fox News’ John Roberts

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump appeared to take issue with a question from Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts during Wednesday’s coronavirus briefing.

The president interrupted Roberts as he tried to lay out some background for a question about warring accusations between the Trump administration and the Obama administration and asked whether he was working for CNN. (RELATED: ‘Nasty, Snarky Question’: Trump Gives CNN’s Jim Acosta An Earful During Coronavirus Briefing)


Roberts set up his question by noting that the Trump administration often talked about being left unprepared and without any plans in place to deal with a potential pandemic and then added the complaint from former Obama administration officials. “They have said you got rid of the pandemic office in the National Security Council,” Roberts said.

“We didn’t do that,” Trump shot back as Roberts nodded his head. “That turned out to be a false story. Now you’re starting to go … what, are you working for CNN?”

“No, no, no, no!” Roberts protested, adding, “I’m pointing out what they have said and what you have said. That’s all.”

Trump kept going, however, saying, “You are with Fox, but Fox isn’t so easy either, don’t kid yourself.”

Roberts tried again: “Mr. President, it’s not about Fox or CNN —”

But Trump interrupted him again, saying, “Look, John, let me tell you something. You know that’s a false story, what you just said is a false story. This doctor knows it better than anybody.”

Roberts attempted to protest one more time, but Trump continued, “You shouldn’t be repeating a story that you know is false.”