Older Couple Does Garage Door Beer Challenge In Epic Video

Garage Door Beer Challenge (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1245715575550234629)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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UPDATE: The woman in the video reached out to me to let me know this challenge is for a fundraiser to win the war on coronavirus. She also clarified she’s not elderly, and doesn’t even qualify for social security yet! Either way, it’s a great video, and we appreciate her helping to raise money to win the war!

A couple has gone viral after an epic beer challenge.

The garage door beer challenge has taken the internet by storm during coronavirus isolation. It’s super simple. You tape an open beer to the garage door, open it and then drink it as it gets poured out over your head. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

This couple gave it their best shot in epic fashion in a video posted by Barstool Sports. I’m not sure they got much beer in their mouths, but it was pretty awesome to watch unfold.

This is exactly the kind of stuff we need to be seeing during the coronavirus pandemic. Just because a virus has ended our usual lives for the time being doesn’t mean we have to sit around and pout.

The garage door challenge is just one of the many ways people are keeping things light during these trying times.

The spirit showed by the couple in the video above is the same spirit that put men on the moon and beat the Japanese.

As long as we’re willing to keep drinking beer, smiling, laughing and having a good time, then we won’t lose this war against coronavirus.

While it might seem like a small thing, the video hopefully gave you all something to chuckle about. If it did, then props to this awesome couple for keeping us smiling during this war.