Amazon Worker Says ‘Dildos Are Not Essential Items’ During Demonstration

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Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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An Amazon warehouse employee protest working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic told a local news station in Michigan that “dildos are not essential items.”

Mario Chippen co-organized the Wednesday demonstration at one of Amazon’s warehouses near Detroit after a worker at the Romulus fulfillment center tested positive for the coronavirus and employees were concerned for their health while working at the facility, according to WXYZ

Chippen told a reporter from WXYZ that while he’d understand if Amazon cut back hours and remained open to sell essentials, he doesn’t consider a lot of the products still being sold “essentials,” including dildos.

“They should not be selling non-essential items,” he told WXYZ. “If you go on the website, all the essential items are sold out. Until you restock and until you close this building, shut it down. Dildos are not essential items. Books, for kids, yes, but dildos? No.”

Protesters demanded that Amazon shut down the facility for additional cleaning and cover all medical bills for associates and their family members who contracted the virus from the facility, Reuters reported

“I feel it’s going to take someone to die for them to finally take action,” Crippen, 26, said. (RELATED: NY’s Attorney General Calls For Investigation After Amazon Fires Employee For Breaking Quarantine)

Amazon said Wednesday that it has taken “extreme” measures to protect workers, including deploying an additional 45 million wipes and more than 50,000 hand sanitizers to its facilities, according to Reuters.