In Case You Were Wondering If He Cares How You Feel, Louis CK Says ‘Retarded’ 41x In His Surprise Special (Among Other Things)

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

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My editor wanted me to count how many times Louis CK said “retarded” in his brand new comedy special he released Saturday.

In the world of political correctness, it’s a lot. 41 times to be exact. The semi-cancelled comedian spent a whole bit saying the word “retarded” while talking about “retarded” people. It’s a little bit unhinged, but then again he’s been a little bit unhinged lately.

C.K. began his comedy special, which you can download for $7.99 on his website, seemingly at peace with being cancelled over sexual misconduct allegations in 2017. In case you forgot, the comedian was accused of masturbating in front of multiple women and then owned up to it. Once the allegations went public, his entire career shut down. After selling out Madison Square Garden eight times, he resorted to doing underground shows and then an international tour. (RELATED: REPORT: Louis C.K. Makes Holocaust Joke To Audience In Tel Aviv)

“How was your last couple of years?” he began the special, which was filmed in Washington, D.C. “How was 2018 and 2019 for you guys? Anybody else get in global amounts of trouble?”

“I learned a lot,” he continued. “I learned how to eat alone in a restaurant with people giving me the finger from across the room.”

Louis C.K. then tears into the rest of his comedy special, maybe the most un-politically correct special out there yet. He jokes about black face, religion, vegans, jewish people, dogs, dead babies and Auschwitz.

The comedian continued to do what he does best in his comedy specials. C.K. has the uncanny ability to push the audience’s boundaries, to see what they’ll still laugh at. The best example of this from “Sincerely” is C.K.’s joke about people with no legs.

“I was in upstate New York in a small town, and I was standing in front of a drug store,” he began. “And in the window of the drug store, they had a wheelchair on display. In the window. Is that really an impulse purchase? ‘Hmmmm. I should get a wheelchair. That would really help. With my paralysis. Then I wouldn’t have to drag myself everywhere I go. Like I’ve been doing for 10 years. Since my legs were blown off. At the marathon. (RELATED: Comedians Are Demolishing Progressive Thought Police, And It’s Driving The Media Nuts)

There was heavy laughter all the way through this joke, up until the mention of the marathon, presumably the Boston one, that killed three people and left 264 wounded, according to CBS. Suddenly, loud boos and groans from everyone in the audience.

C.K. had a comeback point for these people.

“You were just, like, seconds ago, laughing at a man with no legs crawling on the ground, you were just, ‘Ha ha ha HAAAAAA!’ And then at the end, you’re like, ‘Oh, but not those particular legless people. No-o-o. We thought you meant just some asshole with a childhood disease. Who deserves to be laughed at. Not one of those.'”

Most notably, he used the special to address his sexual misconduct allegations.

“Here’s some advice that really only I can give you,” he started. “Here’s my advice. If you ever ask somebody, ‘Can I jerk off in front of you …’ Let me finish—I mean, let me finish what I’m saying! If you ever ask somebody, ‘May I jerk off in front of you,’ and they say yes, just say, ‘Are you sure?’ That’s the first part. And then if they say yes, just don’t fuckin’ do it. Just don’t do it.”

“Do you understand how lucky you are?” Louis C.K. continued, referring to the public knowing he likes to jerk off in front of other people. “That people don’t know your fucking thing? ‘Cause everybody knows my thing. Everybody knows my fucking thing now. Obama knows my thing—do you understand how that feels? To know that Obama was like, ‘Good Lord.’ Everybody in the world knows my thing.”

Overall, it was a decent special. It wasn’t particularly outlandish, but gave the right amount of laughs for me to potentially recommend it to a friend. If you don’t have anything better to do during quarantine, it’s a nice way to kill an hour of your time.

Will he make a full comeback? Only time will tell.