‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Star Faces Backlash After Saying Trump ‘Has Feelings’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Brielle Biermann is facing a backlash after suggesting that President Donald Trump “has feelings” and shouldn’t be “bullied.”

“This is not political- I don’t care how I/you feel about Trump as a politician, but he is a PERSON,” the 23-year-old reality star tweeted. The post was noted by Fox News in a piece published Tuesday. (RELATED: REPORT: Coachella Potentially Rescheduled To October Due To Coronavirus Fears)


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“‘Running’ the country,” she added. “He has feelings like all of us. Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when they’re constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?” (RELATED: Pearl Jam Postpones North American Tour Over Growing Coronavirus Concerns)

The comments apparently didn’t sit well with her followers who blasted back.

“Do you follow him [Trump] on Twitter,” one person wrote. “Literally ALL he does is belittle and bully others. Where is your outrage about that? Where is the leadership in that? Check yourself.”

Another replied, “I love you, but girl he is the biggest bully of them all. The things he says are completely unacceptable. He has made so many derogatory and degrading comments. You get what you give.”

While another wrote: “All he does is bully and make fun of people.”

She then doubled-down on her first comments, suggesting whether it was Barack Obama or Trump running the country they don’t “deserve the constant hate.”

“That is no representation of my political views,” Biermnann tweeted. “I’m simply saying- Obama, Trump, whoever!!! Didn’t/doesn’t deserve the constant hate. The amount of people defending bullying is ridiculous!!”