Why Will Your Team Win The College Football National Championship?

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Why will your team win the college football national title this upcoming season?

This is a question stirring up some debate on Reddit, and I thought it was a great time for me to weigh in on why I like Wisconsin in 2020. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Let’s hear your reasoning…why will your team win the national title this year? from CFB

First off, I want to make clear that this isn’t me guaranteeing a national title. It’s only April, and I’m not guaranteeing anything right now.

This is just me breaking down speculation on why I think the Badgers could make a title run in 2020.


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Right away, I’m going to point out that we have one of the best coaches in all of America in Paul Chryst. In the college game, coaching matters more than just about anything else.

Look at the best teams in America, and then look at their coaching staffs. They’re loaded with premier coaching talent.

As long as Chryst is running the show, we’re always going to be competitive, and it doesn’t matter what the roster looks like.

Next, our schedule is very friendly. Is it easy? No, but it’s friendly. There’s a difference. Our two toughest games are at Michigan and Notre Dame at Lambeau. After that, we get Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska all at home.

Those are five very tough games, but they’re all very winnable games.

I also love our quarterback situation. If we stick with Jack Coan, then we’re riding with an athletic passer with a ton of experience.

He has a lower ceiling than Graham Mertz, but he’s also more than just a game manager. Add in the fact that he’s athletic, and I have all the confidence in the world he can get the job done.

If we got with Mertz, then our offense has more potential, and we’ll probably air it out a hell of a lot more. He has a year of practice and some limited game experience after redshirting in 2019.

If Chryst pulls the trigger on Mertz running the offense, I’m okay with it. You simply have to trust Chryst’s judgement.


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There are certainly some questions about the running back load with Jonathan Taylor gone, and we have some pieces on the defense to fill in.

However, we could easily go 12-0 in the regular season. From there, every game is a playoff game. On any given Saturday, I’ll take Wisconsin against the world.

For those reasons, I think we have a shot to win a national title in 2020. We’ll be tough, we’ll be solid at quarterback and Paul Chryst never lets us down.

Let us know in the comments why you think your team can win it all!