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Google Stopped Using Zoom — Here’s Why You Should Too

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Google banned its employees from using the Zoom teleconferencing app on any of their corporate hardware Wednesday. Why? Because the company has been routing some of its data through China.

Daily Caller White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom sat down with Video Director Richie McGinniss to discuss Zoom and why people are suddenly worrying about its lack of security. Zoom executives admitted the app was “mistakenly” routing some data through China last week, leading New York to ban it from schools and now tech giants to spurn it too. (RELATED: Dr. Fauci Receives Security Detail Amid Threats)

Millions of Americans are still using to stay in touch with friends and family amid the coronavirus, however. Should they switch the Skype? (RELATED: Senators’ Letter Stirs Mystery Over Four Classified Footnotes In IG Report)


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