Jennifer Lopez And Ex P. Diddy Dance Together For Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser

(Photo credit Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)

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Actress Jennifer Lopez joined her ex-boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs on Instagram Live on Easter Sunday to help raise money for coronavirus relief.

Lopez and Diddy danced to “Suavemente,” according to a report shared by Fox News.

“Did I teach you that?” Lopez joked of one of Diddy’s dance moves. “I probably taught you that.”

Diddy first announced the online dance-a-thon Friday on Instagram.

“We are having the WORLD’S BIGGEST DANCE-A-THON and YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!!!” he shared. “We are raising much needed money for our healthcare workers in the underserved communities around the country!”

“So let’s ALL DANCE TOGETHER and raise money for our healthcare workers to let them know how much we appreciate them!” Diddy added. “This Sunday 3pm EST / 12PM PST on my Instagram live! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!!!” (RELATED: Pitbull Drops New Song With Proceeds Going Towards Coronavirus Relief Funds)

Diddy claimed over $3 million was raised during the online dance-a-thon. The donations were going to TeamLove.com, a non-profit that “rushes critical medicines and requested supplies to communities affected by poverty or emergencies throughout the world.”

Lopez and Diddy split back in 2001, but the singer credits him with some of her success as an artist. I think it’s always fun to see reunions between old flames. It’s encouraging to others and allows everyone to reminisce on a relationship that was so public at the time.

It’s also nice to see Lopez finally stepping up and doing her part to help the community out during this time of need.