John Krasinski Gives Boston Health Care Workers Huge Surprise With Virtual Visit From David Ortiz

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot SomeGoodNews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg08rJGKjtA&feature=emb_logo)

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Actor John Krasinski had a baseball-themed surprise for a group of Boston health care workers on his show Sunday.

Krasinski had baseball legend and former Red Sox player David Ortiz on his show “Some Good News” to surprise a group of health care workers from the COVID unit of Boston Massachusetts’ Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.

“Last week was supposed to be opening day for almost every major league team and that loss was felt by everyone,” Krasinski said on his show. “Even in the midst of 24-hour shifts and sleepless nights, our healthcare heroes were missing baseball too.”

Oritz joined the show via video chat where he praised the health care workers.

“I gotta tell you guys from the very bottom of my heart how much I love you and respect you for what you guys are doing,” Ortiz said. “Taking your life, taking your time, that’s something that goes even beyond everything.” (RELATED: Jennifer Lopez And Ex P. Diddy Dance Together For Coronavirus Relief Fundraiser)

Krasinski didn’t stop there with surprises for the COVID team. The Red Sox gave four tickets for life to the group and the rest of the staff along with a visit to Fenway park.

“The most special place in Boston has just been opened up to the most special people in Boston — that’s you — take the field, ladies and gentlemen,” Krasinski said.

I love the way celebrities are honoring the health care heroes right now. So many of them are putting their own lives at risk to take care of other people right now. They probably needed a break like this.