Trump Says Sports Will Play A Role In Reopening Of Economy


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President Donald Trump said Tuesday that sports will play a role in the reopening of the American economy, noting that many Americans miss sports.

The president gave a shout out to prominent sports figures and businessman, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. (RELATED: People Are Starting To Question The Accuracy Of The White House’s Coronavirus Model)

“We want to get our sports back,” Trump said. “We have to get our sports back. I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.”

The president then went on to praise sports commissioners and owners. (RELATED: Poll: More Americans Trust Trump Than Biden To Manage Coronavirus Crisis. Obama Trusted The Most)

“The NBA, Adam Silver. The major league baseball, we miss our baseball. This is baseball season right here. Rob Manfred, thank you very much. NFL, Roger Goodell. Thank you, Roger. UFC, Dana White. Great Dana White. PGA, Jay Moynahan. LPGA Michael Whan. USTA, Patrick Galbraith. Major league soccer, John Garber. WWE, the great Vince McMahon. NASCAR, Lisa Kennedy. Thank you, Lisa,” Trump said. “NHL, Gary Bettman. Of the New England Patriots, Bob Kraft — New England Patriots, Bob Kraft. Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.”


Like much of the U.S., the sports world has come to a halt over the pandemic. The NBA, NHL and MLB have suspended their seasons, and major events such as The Masters have been postponed for months. The NFL has also suspended its operations, and is preparing to hold a virtual draft next week, having been forced to cancel in-person festivities that were scheduled to take place in Las Vegas.