Tucker Carlson: ‘Democrats Encourage Voter Fraud Because It Helps Them Win Elections’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued that Democrats “encourage” making voter fraud easier “because it helps them win elections.”

Carlson began the Tuesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” monologue by pointing out that those, including Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, who consider the current crisis an “opportunity.” After listing several bills Northam signed over Easter weekend and calling them an “entire rundown from an MSNBC weekend show all signed into law,” the Fox News host pointed out one “that ought to worry you, even if you’re lucky enough not to live in Virginia.”

“His so-called ‘election reforms,'” Carlson said.


“With his signature, Klanrobes eliminated all of Virginia’s voter ID laws,” Carlson said. “He signed legislation that allows residents to vote up to 45 days before an election, for any reason. There is also automatic voter registration for anyone using the state’s DMV, including those who do it online.”

The Daily Caller co-founder pointed out that “so-called ‘election reform'” is something Democrats all across the country are pushing for, particularly when a “beleaguered and distracted population” is affected by the ongoing pandemic.

“Government IDs aren’t racist,” Carlson insisted, pushing back against the claim. “They’re mandatory. You can’t live here without one … Pretty much every person in America has a government ID. And in fact, in February 2019 a paper coauthored by professors at Harvard and the University of Bologna found that voter ID laws had no effect whatsoever on voter turnout for any subgroup they measured — whether it was by age, or gender, or party or yes, by race. This is a complete and utter crock.”

“So why are they continuing to say it?” he continued. “Because voter ID laws stop voter fraud. Democrats encourage voter fraud because it helps them win elections.”

Carlson pointed out so-called “ballot harvesting” efforts in California that helped turn longtime GOP districts blue. (RELATED: What Is ‘Ballot Harvesting,’ And How Did California Dems Use It To Nuke The GOP?)

“Now, Democrats would like to see that system come to your state — to every state — and they’re using the coronavirus pandemic to justify it. ‘IDs are racist!'” he mocked. “Expect to hear a lot more of that lie.”