Netflix Officially Releases Its New Series ‘Outer Banks’

Outer Banks (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC68w9tvv6I)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Outer Banks” has officially been released on Netflix.

After weeks and weeks of nonstop hype, the highly-anticipated series hit the streaming service early Wednesday morning, and it couldn’t have arrived sooner. (REVIEW: Dolores’ Plan Is Revealed In Outstanding New ‘Westworld’ Episode ‘Genre’)

The plot of the seriesaccording to Netflix’s YouTube description, is as follows:

Outer Banks is a coming of age story that follows a tight-knit group of local teens (aka the Pogues) in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When a hurricane kills the power for the summer season, it sets off a chain of illicit events that force the friends to make life-altering decisions. The search for their ringleader’s missing father, forbidden romances, a high-stakes treasure hunt, and the escalating conflict between the Pogues and their rivals turn their summer into one filled with mystery and adventure they’ll never forget.

I have desperately needed a new show to watch after cruising through “Yellowstone,” “Fargo,” “Westworld” and a variety of other shows.

Well, Netflix has answered the bell and provided fans around the world with “Outer Banks.” If you think I’m not checking out a show about a missing treasure loaded with twists and turns, then you simply don’t know anything about me.

This is the exact show that I need to kill the time, and now it’s here.


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The main question now is whether or not I binge it all at once or try to spread it out through the weekend. I’m seriously very conflicted.

Part of me wants to push it off until the weekend so that I have something to watch all day Saturday and Sunday.

At the same time, I’ve been incredibly pumped about “Outer Banks,” and I kind of want to watch it ASAP. These are the monumental decisions we’re struggling with in coronavirus isolation.


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Either way, it’s here, and that’s great news for fans of television. I can’t wait to dive in, and make sure to check back for my full review!