Rapper Cardi B Tells Bernie Sanders That Open Borders Is All About ‘Capitalism’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Cardi B said that open borders is all about “capitalism” during a live rant with Bernie Sanders about President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus.

“You know, when this coronavirus thing was hitting and everything , he [Trump] just kept blaming that this was a move of the Democrats to make him look bad,” the 27-year-old rapper explained during the livestream posted on YouTube Wednesday. “That everything the Democrats do is bad propaganda to make him look bad.”(RELATED: Cardi B Defends Claim That She Drugged And Robbed Men)

“But the thing is that, honey [Trump], you don’t need the Democrats to make you look bad,” she added. “You make your own self look bad.” (RELATED: Cardi B Rants About Taxes And The IRS In Incredible Video)


The rapper continued, while noting that “there were so many chances that he [Trump] had when interviewers asked him questions that he answered with the right answer that would make people be like ‘okay, he actually cares.'”

“And instead of him [Trump] giving a right answer he just shushed them off or just degrades them.,” the “Rodeo” hitmaker said. “And it’s like you don’t need no Democrats to look bad, Sir, you make your own self look bad.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper then appeared to agree with Trump’s decision to restrict travel with China by the end of January to stop the spread of COVID-19, right after slamming him.

“We are in this point because of him [Trump],” Cardi explained. “He could have been [avoided] this in January. You know a lot of people, I have a lot of love for the Chinese people, but a lot of people when coronavirus was becoming trendy in America, it was like around early January. And a lot of people felt it would’ve have been racist or prejudice to close the border from China to America.”

“And I just feel like, how come it wasn’t prejudice when America closed the borders in West Africa when the ebola virus was around?” she added. “And the ebola virus never even got here.”

The rapper continued, while saying, “I feel like they put capitalism, money, trading, goods, before our health. And that’s my problem.”

“That’s my issue,” she added. “And instead of apologizing, and giving us better things than a $1,600 stimulus check one time. I feel like we deserve better. Because they messed up. Apologize for messing up and do better for us.”