How Did The Coronavirus Models Get Everything So Wrong?

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s podcast we talk with Sean Davis from The Federalist about his old boss, the late Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, how the predictive models for the coronavirus pandemic got it so wrong, and how to restart a national economy. Before we talk to Sean, we get into how New York added 3,700 coronavirus deaths in one day without any of those people actually dying that day. Also, Democrats introduce a bill to pay everyone $2,000 per month and Rita Wilson complains about the side effects of chloroquine, one of which appears to be living through the virus to be able to complain about its side effects.

Listen to the show:

New York, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, added 3,700 deaths to their coronavirus numbers recently — about 17 percent of the total U.S. deaths — because the CDC guidelines say to count someone as dying from the pandemic even if they never tested them to see if they had it. We discuss why this makes combating and learning from the outbreak tougher.

Democrats have introduced a bill to pay almost every American 16 years old and older $2,000 per month throughout the pandemic. There’s a deeper reason than compassion for this move — we discuss it.

Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks and coronavirus survivor, took the drug chloroquine while being treated in Australia. Now she’s complaining about the side effects of the drug, many of which are symptoms of the virus itself. A committed liberal, Wilson can’t seem to bring herself to admit a drug President Donald Trump talked about might have helped her. We get into it.

Then we talk to Sean Davis from The Federalist about the disastrous pandemic models on which so much of government’s actions have been based, and how those models have gotten their predictions so wrong. Davis, a Wharton graduate, breaks down the problem with modeling and lays out what we need to see to understand these mistakes, specifically how they were made. We also talk about his old boss, Sen. Tom Coburn, who passed away recently, and the lessons “Senator No” taught him. Then we cover how a nation goes about restarting their economy after a complete, forced shutdown.

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