Hugh Jackman Admits He Turned Down A Role In ‘Cats’

(Photo credit VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

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Actor Hugh Jackman admitted he turned down a role in “Cats” because he didn’t have “time.”

Jackman point-blank revealed that he didn’t have time for the movie in his schedule, according to a interview published Thursday with the Daily Beast.

“Umm… yep,” Jackman answered when asked if he turned a role down.

“Tom rang me early on because we did ‘Les Mis’ together, and there were a couple of options there based on availability and time, and I really…yeah, I just wasn’t available at the time,” Jackman said.

Turning down the role might have been the best thing Jackman could do, although the actor is staying mum on the reviews. (RELATED: The Internet Really Hated The Movie ‘Cats’)

“I’m in the theater, man, and I don’t want to be in the business of bashing people — or jumping on bandwagons,” Jackman said. It helps that he hasn’t actually seen it yet. “I haven’t seen it, and Tom Hooper’s one of the great filmmakers we have.”

Let’s just say “Cats” did not get the best reviews online. The film received the worst reviews of probably any movie in 2019. The film was even included in The Hollywood Reporter’s “10 Worst Films Of 2019” list.

Jackman definitely dodged a bullet here. It would have been so sad if he had gone from “The Greatest Showman” to “Cats.”