Utah AD Mark Harlan Says Decision On Football Will Likely Come In June

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Utah athletic director Mark Harlan thinks we’re only a couple months out from a decision on the college football season.

With the season’s fate hanging in the balance because of the coronavirus pandemic, people want to know when we’re going to start getting some answers. Well, Harlan thinks we have about two months before calls have to start being made. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


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Harlan said the following during an appearance on 700 AM Wednesday, according to The Salt Lake City Tribune:

The way I see it is, I think there needs to be some understanding of where we’re at, let’s say mid-June if we’re still kind of in an environment like we are now. In mid-June, I think we’re going to have to really take a look at and make any alterations to the football season.

I’ve talked to several people in the world of college football over the past month. Some of them agree with Harlan that a decision has to come in June.

Some think the decision can come as late as the end of July/start of August with changes made to the schedule.

Either way, we’re running out of time before a decision has to be made.


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Best case scenario, we’re about 100 days out from the call coming down on the fate of the season. Worst case scenario, we’re two months out, which is what Harlan thinks the reality is.


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People also still don’t know who is even the ultimate authority on the college football season happening. Is it made at the federal level? The state level? Does the NCAA make it? The PAC-12?

We have to figure that out before we can do anything else. Either way, get ready for some chaos because this situation will likely get crazier before it’s solved.