With Refund Checks On The Way, What Should You Buy Now? Here Are Some Summer Essentials Provided Things Die Down

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Once the Coronavirus is under control and all the commotion dies down, everybody and their mother is going to want to spend as much time outside as possible, enjoying the fresh air as if they never have before. Another certainty is that prices are going to increase, as the economy rebounds and patient citizens are going back to work.

You’re going to want to relax with friends and family outdoors, so now is the time to buy the products that aren’t in demand, kind of like buying a winter coat in July…hey, how else do you get a mink coat 80 per cent off?!

1. Grills

First and foremost is definitely an understatement; we all want to get outside and smell the meat and veggies, see the grill marks and hear the first hiss when turning on the propane (and possibly propane accessories).

How we’ve missed you (via amazon.com)

Now would be an important time to pass on any grilling expertise or introduce any newcomers to the grilling world. To do this, consider the Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill for any newbie. It’s compact enough for a new homeowner, and portable enough for grilling novices to take with them when the beaches re-open.

For a full size, try out Amazon’s best-selling stainless steel grill, and if you’re looking for something new, you can try your hand at the outdoor griddle station, perfect for your patio or outdoor kitchen to entertain guests with.

2. Lawn Games

No, cornhole isn’t some sort of rejected Frito Lay venture, it’s a totally addictive outdoor game anyone can play.

All of your jokes are inappropriate (via amazon.com)

Cornhole is simple; first, you’ll start off watching, then you’ll say “this is stupid,”, before you know it you’ll be engaged in viscious trash talk with uncle Steve and doing your best psych-outs on your way to glory.

If you’re still bored, try your hand at the ladder toss. Another easy-to-learn game for all to enjoy that requires very little setup; simply throw the rope balls and try to get them wrapped around each rung, for different increments of points.

Need more ideas? How about Bocce Ball!

3. Gazebos

You’re three hours into your return to the outdoors and now you need some shade, get yourself a deluxe gazebo, it’s Amazon’s Choice for its clever design.


This is a great setup you may have seen before; highly portable and able to keep you shaded from all angles, this gazebo also has a bug net that zips up, and is able to protect its contents from the elements.

So, whether it’s a hammock or a dining table inside, you’ll be able to avoid the warm or wet weather in style.

4. Patio Bar

The time for fun, games and food are over, it’s time to get very serious at the patio bar. Who are we kidding, it’s impossible to be upset when combining the words ‘patio’ and ‘bar’.

Swim up for a drink (via Amazon.com)

The only question is: do you prefer a wicker-style setup or a wood finish? Both sets will spruce up any poolside, back porch or barbecue area and no doubt has the power to make you the most popular place on the street.

You’ll need to decide if you prefer stools or bar chairs, or maybe you prefer a different look all together. If what you desire is to simply lounge in the sun, opt for the wicker three-piece set and feel your worries melt away.

If you’re able to lay out some coin, order the outdoor sectional sofa but beware, your neighbors and relatives may never leave your yard again.

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