‘Bachelor’ Contestant Madison Prewett Was ‘Thrown Off’ By Peter Weber After Being Spotted With Another Contestant

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Anna Marie's BachelorTV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8743vl2tjDY&t=46s)

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“Bachelor” contestant Madison Prewett claimed she was “thrown off” after she saw the news about Peter Weber moving on.

Madison’s comments on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off The Vine” podcast come after Weber was spotted with Kelley Flanagan in Chicago during quarantine.

“We were best friends actually,” Prewett said. “We were inseparable throughout the entire process, everyone joked that we were the dynamic duo.”

“I was definitely hurt and thrown off by that whole situation,” she added. “I want the best for the both of them, but I definitely was thrown off.”

Weber and Madison were together for a solid second after Weber proposed to and then dumped Hannah Ann Sluss. After being berated by Weber’s mom on national television, Madison and Weber decided to go their separate ways.

Only now it seems he’s moved on to yet another one of his contestants from his time on “The Bachelor” and it’s confusing everyone including Madison. (RELATED: ‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Spotted Spending Time With Kelley Flanagan Following Ended Engagement)

“What was really confusing to me was that two days before he was spotted in Chicago he was calling me and texting me ‘I miss you, let’s get back together.’ I think that to me was a little confusing,” Prewett revealed. “We definitely handle breakups very differently.”

Weber is turning out to be a snake. I think I’m not surprised though. He clearly has a hard time with letting things in the past go considering he told ex Hannah Brown he’d leave his own “Bachelor” season to pursue a relationship with her.

As for Madison’s relationship with Kelley, it doesn’t seem like that will be repaired any time soon.

“I haven’t spoken to her in a really long time,” Prewett told Bristowe. “To me, that was the most hurtful thing. We walked through so much together. That was a friendship that I thought — I thought she was going to be in my wedding, I thought we were going to be best friends for life.”