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Stacey Abrams Is The First Person Ever To Actually Want To Be VP

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Democrat Stacey Abrams has denied the result of her lost Georgia gubernatorial campaign since 2018, but now she’s campaigning hard to be Joe Biden’s vice president.

The Daily Caller’s Anders Hagstrom and Greg Price sat down to discuss Abrams’ strategy. She started off by listing how qualified she claims to be for the VP job, but Biden’s campaign hasn’t expressed interest. (RELATED: Asked Whether China Censored Early Coronavirus Data, Senior WHO Official Said He ‘Didn’t Look’)

Abrams is now taking a different strategy. She appeared on The View this week and said she would be “concerned” if Biden’s VP selection was not a woman of color. Biden has already vowed to choose a female running mate, and aside from Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris, she is the only woman of color assumed to be in the running for VP.

Biden has said he will announce his VP pick before May 1. Will it be Abrams?


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