EXCLUSIVE: Obtained House Oversight Memo Details Trump’s Response To Coronavirus

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Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent
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The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday night released a memo describing President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus as Democrats have continued to attack the president during the pandemic.

In the memo obtained by the Daily Caller, which went out to all of the Oversight republicans Wednesday night as a background briefer, there is info factually rebutting most of what the Democrats have been saying about Trump on Personal protective equipment (PPE) and immigration and his overall response timeline.

The document has preliminary findings from the committee’s investigation into China and the World Health Organization (WHO) so far, including what the state department has told the committee about CCP propaganda and the fact that WHO still hasn’t scheduled the briefing the committee asked for weeks ago.


Obtained House Oversight Memo… by Daily Caller on Scribd

“President Donald Trump and his administration have worked nonstop to protect America from the coronavirus pandemic since before the first U.S. case was even confirmed and have done so through an aggressive, informed, whole-of-government response. Despite the reality of the president’s actions, his administration’s response has repeatedly been the subject of negative attacks from both the media and those opposed to the efforts of the Administration for political reasons,” the memo reads. (RELATED: Rep. Jim Jordan Says Democrats Are Considering Coronavirus Legislation That Pays States To Let Criminals Out Of Prison)

The document also criticizes the WHO. On April  9, Republicans on the committee sent a letter to the WHO, asking them to detail their relationship with China in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This document contains information on a variety of topics being tracked by the Oversight Committee related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Trump administration’s response. The information contains a factual record of the administration’s response and serves as a rebuttal to misleading narratives promoted by Democrats, as well as preliminary findings from Committee Republicans’ investigation into the Chinese Communist Party and World Health Organization’s role in hindering the United States’ and the world’s response through misinformation,” the memo also says. (RELATED: House Oversight Republicans Press WHO On Role In China’s ‘Coronavirus Propaganda Campaign’)

The memo also includes a direct timeline of Trump’s response to coronavirus.