Police Looking For Woman Who Allegedly Spit On Two People’s Faces At Italian Market

(Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images)

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Police are now looking for a woman who allegedly spit on two people’s faces at an Italian market in Philadelphia.

Alexis Danilo claimed the woman became angry after Danilo attempted to take a few steps away from her while in line to get into the supermarket Sunday, according to a report published Wednesday by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“She got really upset by that, and then she said, ‘B*tch, I don’t have the disease,'” Danilo recalled to the outlet.

Danilo then entered the store to shop to buy her groceries where the woman found her and intentionally ran into her.

“That was really rude, we are in a pandemic,” Danilo told the woman.

“I’ll fight you right now,” the woman reportedly responded. (RELATED: Grocery Store Forced To Waste $35,000 Worth Of Food After Woman Purposefully Coughs On Items)

The woman then allegedly removed her bandana covering her mouth and spit on Danilo.

“I was just in shock,” Danilo told the Inquirer.

A Di Bruno Bros. manager informed Danilo that the same woman had allegedly spat on a store employee the day before after an argument broke out between the two over how to pay for the woman’s items.

“The biggest thing for me was that this woman is likely to do it to other people if she’s done it two times,” Danilo said.

“I think this woman should be locked up,” she added. “You should never be spitting on anybody and given the fact that there’s a pandemic, you shouldn’t be doing that.”

Police have asked the public with help identifying the woman.