‘Chicken’: Wolf Blitzer Unloads On Trump For Ditching Briefing Without Taking Questions

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Wolf Blitzer let loose on President Donald Trump after an uncharacteristically short coronavirus task force briefing Friday.

Blitzer discussed the briefing — and the fact that the president left the room abruptly without taking any questions — with fact-checker Daniel Dale. (RELATED: ‘Unusual’ And ‘Jarring’: CNN Panel Questions Pelosi’s Souvenir Impeachment Pens, Smiling For Pictures)


“This was the shortest briefing that there’s been so far,” Blitzer began, turning to Dale and claiming that it didn’t take a fact-checker to see that Trump had been lying when he wrote off his earlier comments about disinfectant as “sarcasm.” (RELATED: President Trump Says His Comments On Injecting Disinfectant Were ‘Sarcastic’)

“It’s just a lie, Wolf,” Dale agreed. “There’s no beating around the bush. You can check the transcript, you can watch the video.”

“It’s a lie in two ways,” Dale added. “The president said he was sarcastic and he plainly was not, and he said he was addressing the question to reporters but he had been addressing Dr. Birx and the Bill Bryan, the Homeland Security health official who was present.”

Dale then brought up the rally when Trump had allegedly asked Russia to “help” find former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, claiming that Trump had also lied about that being a joke.

Blitzer turned the topic back to the briefing, saying, “This is the first time, it’s only a 22-minute briefing, this is the first time a president has been afraid to answer questions from reporters. Reporters were all there, they were sitting in the White House briefing room. That is their job to ask serious and tough questions. The president clearly, shall we say, was chicken today. Didn’t want to answer questions that the reporters had prepared.”