Ellen Pompeo Defends Resurfaced Comments About Harvey Weinstein After Receiving Criticism

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

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Actress Ellen Pompeo has defended resurfaced comments regarding Harvey Weinstein that sparked backlash on the internet.

Pompeo received criticism online after comments she made in 2018 resurfaced. Pompeo said things like, “I think we bear some responsibility” and “it takes two to tango, for sure.”

Now she’s defended her comments saying the clip is “out of context” and that she didn’t know Weinstein was a rapist. Weinstein was convicted of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault in the first degree in February of 2020.

“Hey girls sorry if video clips are upsetting!!  Its out of context & it’s too serious a subject to talk about on a platform like this…people who have been abused or assaulted should seek guidance from a therapist… this is not a healthy place for topics this serious,” Pompeo tweeted.

She further defended herself in a separate Twitter thread.

“For those who feel offended or are taking this personally this panel was 2 + years ago and it was way before the whole stories of the women came out I Certainly didn’t know he was a rapist at that point,” she tweeted. “that took s**t to a whole different level.” (RELATED: Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison After Rape Conviction)

“And… I’m talking about harassment… not assault,” Pompeo added. “Two different things. I was speaking about MY experience of being harassed in Hollywood and my outlook on it. For years before times up women had to put up with harassment and still do on a regular basis …it was just part of the job as it is in a lot or all professions …we couldn’t complain like we can now.  If we complained we would be out and the man would stay.”

Pompeo emphasized how important it is that women in Hollywood can speak up about things like this now.

“&MY way of coping w/ whatever situations I’ve been in is not a comment on how other women handle things…” Pompeo said. “again Thank God we can speak up now but once again assault and harassment are different both bad but different. Not sure of harassment is seen by law enforcement as a crime.”