‘I Will Go Up Against Her Any Day’: Democratic Michigan State Rep. Censured For Thanking Trump Blasts Gretchen Whitmer

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Democratic Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett fired back at Democrats, including her state’s governor, during a Friday night appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Detroit Democrats plan to censure Whitsett after she gave credit to President Donald Trump earlier this month for saving her life by publicizing the possible use of hydroxychloroquine to treat some coronavirus patients.

During her conversation with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the Michigan lawmaker revealed the existence of less than “pleasant” texts between herself and Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but she said she wasn’t about to back down.


“Why they would expel me is beyond words for me,” Whitsett told Carlson. “This is something that I did not expect, I started out with a simple thank you to the man that is the president of the United States. It’s a thank you, I didn’t know that thank you had a political line. I didn’t know thank you belonged to one political party over another, and that if you’re in one party you cannot say thank you to another person. I had no idea.”

Responding to Carlson’s question about whether more offense could have been taken by the fact that she credited hydroxychloroquine for saving her life, Whitsett said it is likely “all correlated” together.

“I think it was just me as a state representative that I was out of line, according to possibly our governor,” she said. “Taking myself and going to the White House to speak with the president of the United States, I think it was a kind of ‘how dare you,’ because the person who is in charge of the 13th congressional district actually works for our governor.”

After mockingly apologizing for Whitmer, Carlson asked if she called to say “‘I’m so glad you didn’t die. Welcome back to the living. Congratulations.'”

“Actually, it was not as pleasant as that, and the text messages that we have had since then have not been as pleasant as well,” said the Michigan lawmaker. “I’m not going to stand by and be quiet, nor will I be silenced by anyone when it comes to the people in my community. I don’t care who it is. If you’re not doing right by us, if you’re not doing right by black people within our community, I’m going to stand up, and I don’t care who it is. I’m going to stand up against you, I’m going to speak out, and right now I’m speaking for the people who can’t speak for themselves. That is my job, that is my responsibility, that is my duty, that’s what I’m sworn to do. And I don’t care who it is, I will go up against her any day.”

Referring to conversations she had with the president, Whitsett pointed out Whitmer’s inability to “work with” Trump even though he “wants to work with us” and “give us the things that we need.” (RELATED: ‘Gretchen Whitmer Is A Ghoul’: Tucker Wonders Why ‘People Rotting In Wheelchairs’ Is Allowed But Abortion Is ‘Essential’)

“So I know firsthand, I’ve had the experience so I know,” she said. “I know the shock and awe on their face when they heard that we were not getting the things that we needed and deserved in the city of Detroit. So, only thing I can do is throw my hands up.”