Meghan Markle Claims She Hasn’t Seen Her Dad In 2 Years, Blames Associated Newspapers

(Photo by Steve Parsons - Pool / Getty Images)

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Meghan Markle claimed she hasn’t seen her estranged father in two years.

Markle also blamed Associated Newspapers for the rift between her and her father during a pre-trial hearing Friday for the lawsuit she filed against the newspaper, according to a report published by Page Six.

Markle has sued the newspaper company for publishing a personal letter she wrote to her father in 2018. She wrote the letter roughly three months after her father decided to skip walking her down the aisle at her May wedding.

The former Duchess’ legal team claimed she was “deeply shocked and upset” when the letter was published. She claimed the reporting was written in a way that was “intended to portray her in a false and damaging light.”

The team accused Associated Newspapers of having an “obvious agenda” to push “intrusive or offensive stories” about the former royal. (RELATED: Newly Released Texts Show Prince Harry Pleaded With Meghan Markle’s Father Before Wedding)

Markle went on to accuse Associated Newspapers for the damaged relationship after the company published the story “exposing [her father] to the world as a royal scammer after he staged paparazzi photos.

I’m not sure what to believe here. The newspaper company could have had an agenda and wanted to publish negative stories regarding Markle, but it’s kind of far-fetched to claim that the entire relationship between Markle and her father broke down because of it.

It seems like Markle and her father just couldn’t work things out or figure out how to communicate in a way that was effective. Hopefully they can patch things up now that Markle isn’t technically a royal anymore.